Kirkstall Mills Executive Summary

Abbey Mills and St Annís Mills in Kirkstall are two historic industrial buildings on the banks of the River Aire. Abbey Mills dates back to medieval times, and is grade 2 listed. St Annís Mills was founded as a water mill around 1776 but is not presently listed. Abbey Mills was repeatedly damaged by fire, and most of the surviving buildings on both sites date from around 1835. The main range at St Annís Mills uses fireproof brick arch construction and may have been one of the earliest "purpose built" steam mills in the area.

Both sites were acquired by the Council between 1965 Ė 1970 as public open space for a Kirkstall riverside park, but continued in industrial use until land assembly was complete. The park proposal did not progress after local government reorganisation in 1974, and both mills became part of the Councilís light industrial portfolio.

In early 2003 the Leeds City Council Development Department conceived of a plan to sell Abbey Mills for residential development. This "stand alone" proposal subsequently developed into a scheme to re-invest the proceeds in St Annís Mills, which is currently open for public consultation. Although superficially attractive, there are very serious problems with this plan.

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